Introducing of Agro-industry Complex of the North West

This complex now consists of 2 agriculture and ranching units located in the North West of Iran. The complex will cover 35000 hectares by pastures and arable lands development programs.

Units covered by The Agro-industry are located in Miandoab and Poledasht and the center is located in Urmia.


Agriculture: useful crop production: wheat, alfalfa, corn and medicinal herb

Ranching: Mutton ranching and red meat production.

Commerce: trading of crops and livestock production in the North West of Iran.

The Complex has a number of development projects and lots of activities in agriculture section.



1.Agriculture and ranching complex in Miandoab

2.Chamber of commerce in Urmia

3.Chamber of commerce in Ardabil

4.Agriculture and ranching complex in Poledasht


Miandoab Unit

West Azerbaijan Province – Miandoab – 15 Km to Mahabad – Eteka Agriculture & Aviculture Unit (Miandoab)

P.O Box: 59715 – 169                      

PHONE: 0481 – 2227819

E.mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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