Introducing of Agro-industry of Gilan

This complex manages olive lands of Gilan and one unit in Khoramabad and deals with agriculture and breeding plan of the company in Gilan Province


  • Horticulture: olive production in suitable varieties.
  • Olive processing: packing and conservation
  • Commerce: products and agricultural inputs trading in Gilan specially olive and its products\r\n
    • Olive gardening and processing unit in Manjil
    • Gardening unit in Khoramabad
    • Trading unit in Rasht

Supported units

Developed units

Manjil gardens development


Unit Address

Manjil Unit: Gilan Province- Manjil – next to the 31 Khordad Hospital – Eteka Gardening Unit (Manjil Unit)

Postal Code: 1114-44515 

PHONE:  6452828-0133

FAX:  01336452829



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