Mazrae Nemooneh of Gorgan

Introducing of Mazrae Nemooneh of Gorgan

It’s one of the biggest agriculture complex and has been established in The North of Iran in 1340 and in 1392 was assigned to Holding of company.


  • Pullet unit
  • Agriculture unit
  • Cow breeding unit
  • Aviculture unit (chicken)
  • Manufacturing unit
  • Store in Gorgan
  • Industrial slaughter house


  • Agriculture: tilling in a modern way and mechanization. Production of wheat, oat, cotton, alfalfa, hybrid corn and…
  • Aviculture: chain poultry in a modern way, incubation, chicken and pullet, chicken packing and one day old chicken.
  • Livestock: including of cow and calf fattening
  • Food industry: producing of Malt extract and animal's food and sauce or dairy production by employees group.


Gorgan- At the distance of 42km to Agh-ghola Road to Voshmgir Dam

Postal Code : 39618-49391

Tell: 4-5731602-0173

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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