Introducing of Livestock Chain Management Company

Introduce: In 1921, grading of Livestock was started.

In 1974, this company was managed by Merck and then by ISA and Merial companies. In 2005, HUBBARD was awarded to Grimood by Merial. Grimood group is the second grading company in the world (hen, pigeon, keet, douck,pullet,rabbit and fish).HUBBARD presents its product in more than 100 countries. One of the most important secrets of success is its genetic background. Some of production lines have been working for 60 years and are able to produce suitable products because of high experience.

In 2011, by selling more than 35 million hens, had 20% of market and it has been better so far. This company is established based on many years' experience of integrated management in breeding and now has great programs in producing more than 10,000 tons chicken in addition to introducing and selling the products.



  • Chicken chain management (race F15) in Iran as a exclusive agent
  • Management on ancestors of this race (HUBBARD F15) and clucks
  • Management on producing chicken meat
  • Instruction, executive programs and technical consultation for breeding units specially persons who buy one-day chicken(HUBBARD race)
  • Establishment of breeding units in all over the country and scientific and technical supporting\r\n
    • Chicken supplying and create a competitive market in order to increasing the quality
    • Diversify on products for customers
    • Consumable supply and food additives
    • Increasing productivity of space and inputs
    • Supply of required chicken for armed forces

The purpose of establishment

At the end of 1391, Morghiran Company has gotten started his activities formally:



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